Create Twitter Feed for your website in a few clicks

Your tweets will appear on your page.

To create your Twitter Feed, add your username, then style the feed on the left "Layout" tab. Click "Embed" to get the embed code.

Increased engagement

Having a Twitter feed on a website can increase engagement with visitors as it provides an easy way to follow you and engage with your content.

Fresh Content

Having a feed on a website ensures that the website's content stays fresh and relevant. Keep your guests updated.

How to embed Twitter Feed in your website

Open and sign up or log in with your account.

Click on the Create New Widget button on the Home tab.

Open the Data tab to connect your Twitter account. Enter your username.

Open the Layout tab to change the way your widget looks and adjust needed parameters.

Open the Embed tab and add the snippet to the code of your page in the place where you want to see your widget.

View Twitter Feed in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

When your widget is ready, click on the Embed button. The code you see is ready to be added to the code of your page. Place it where you want to see your Twitter Feed and save to see the result.

The link to our service will be added to your page. You will be able to prolong your subscription when you want to.

You can remove the added code, and the widget will not be seen. Also, you can remove all added copies of your widget. Go to the Data tab to find the Remove widget button. Be careful, this action cannot be undone.

Yes, just use the same code to embed your widget.

Twitter Feed in a few clicks

Create a widget for your website with ElectricBlaze.

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