Add Facebook Feed to your website with ease

Share posts from Facebook Pages on your sites to keep your visitors updated with your latest news.

To create Facebook Feed, connect your account with the Connect Facebook Account button on the Data tab, select the page you want to use for your widget, and adjust the style of the widget on the Layout tab. Click "Add to Website" to get the code to embed.

Increased engagement

Displaying Facebook posts on your website is a great way to excite and engage visitors, boost your Facebook following, and convert them into customers or fans.

Improved website traffic

Keeping your website visitors updated with the latest news about your brand is very important. Sharing Facebook posts on your site encourages guests to share your content on social media, driving more traffic to your site and increasing brand visibility.

How to embed Facebook Feed in your website

Open and sign up or log in with your account.

Click on the Create New Widget button on the Home tab and select Facebook Feed.

Attach your Facebook Page on the Data Tab. Follow all steps after clicking on the "Connect Facebook Page" button and select the page you're going to use for the feed.

Open the Layout tab to change the way your widget looks and adjust needed parameters.

Click on the Embed button to get the widget code.

View Facebook Feed in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

When your widget is ready, click on the Embed button. The code you see is ready to be added to the code of your page. Place it where you want to see your Facebook Feed and save to see the result.

The link to our service will be added to your page. You will be able to prolong your subscription when you want to.

You can remove the added code, and the widget will not be seen. Also, you can remove all added copies of your widget. Go to the Data tab to find the Remove widget button. Be careful, this action cannot be undone.

Yes, just use the same code to embed your widget.

Easily integrate Facebook Feed

Sharing posts from Facebook Pages on your sites is a great way to keep your visitors up-to-date with your latest news.

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